Karoline is a veteran of the Processing and Operation Mortgage World for the past 12 years. All 12 years have been spent working side by side with Tim Brigham. They have a very symbiotic relationship. While Tim handles all sales in the Chicago and Park Ridge Branches, Karoline handles the operations and logistics. Karoline has a reputation for being tough as nails about details and prides herself on going the extra mile for her clients. ” Our process is very important and setting defined expectations, educating and overcommunicating are the keys to client satisfaction and why we continue to get referrals.”

For Karoline she is constantly reminded that part of offering a great experience is staying on top of new guidelines and programs. In this business things are constantly changing which can be challenging if you do not continue to research and stay in the know. There are so many factors and variables in mortgages that can change during the loan process and lead to big delays and possibly a canceled transaction. Not on her watch. Karoline prides herself on slowing everything down to layman’s terms upfront so we ensure no surprises in underwriting.  “Knowing guidelines inside and out is a huge advantage because you’re able to adjust to any variables and help on ‘save the day’ deals that other lenders can’t figure out and I’m proud to say we do this every day.” My goal is to always take as much stress away from the process as possible. Hiccups are bound to happen in real estate and making sure the borrower stays connected the entire time is the only way to prevent major stress and file delays. Karoline graduated from The University of IL in Chicago and is bilingual in both English and Polish. She was actually born in Poland and emigrated here when she was two with her family. Now she resides in Wilmette IL with her husband and two kids. When Karoline Is not working she is playing tennis or traveling with her family.
Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee