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If you asked Tim Brigham about his motivation in life, he would flash a large smile and say “I’ve finally found my why.” Tim started a very successful career in residential lending immediately after showing up in Chicago with everything he owned in a backpack. “I knew I had a shot at making a career out of helping people purchase the home they put their kids to sleep in.” Growing year after year he eventually found himself managing a hand-picked boutique firm in downtown Chicago. You would think he would pick this to be his ultimate success as it’s not an easy task but no, instead he would point you to something entirely else. Being a changemaker is Tim’s daily mantra. “I love what I do for a living and pride myself on putting people into homes. What an incredible privilege!”

Notable accomplishments:

  • 2002 Started career in mortgage industry
  • Left his corporate job to become an independent boutique mortgage firm in 2007 with consistent growth year over year.
  • 2011 Successfully converted his firm into a nationally licensed mortgage bank branch
  • Currently manages two branches for UHM, Chicago and Park Ridge IL.
  • President Club winner for UHM 2020 (Ranked top 10) and 2021 (Ranked 5th)
  • 2020 Partner Impact award winner for his work in the community
  • 2021 Transformational Award – Most improved in the company
  • Established the Brigham award at Presidio High School for graduating students entering the workforce
  • Featured in multiple publications including Chicago Agent Magazine (Lending edition cover 2017), Daily Herald, Tribune, Top Agent Magazine
  • 2018 WBBM Radio personality
  • Ranked #49 of top 50 changemakers WBBM in 2018
  • Guest on multiple national shows Mancow, The Average Joe, The Face of Chicago Business
  • Founded Superhero Collective Not For Profit LLC (501c3)

The Superhero Collective was founded in 2014 when his own son fell ill and was faced with a 3-day hospital stay. “I got a chance to see firsthand what happens behind closed doors with children facing a serious condition and I just couldn’t handle it. There is a special place in my heart for the doctors who go the extra mile for these children. They are the real superhero’s.” Tim is a superhero himself for the foundation in that he visits local hospitals in a movie-quality Batman suit delivering toys and smiles to children currently undergoing treatment. “I can’t tell you how humbling it is to see what donning a silly suit can do for a sick child. It’s incredible to watch them light up with excitement.”

To think, that’s just the beginning. The feedback on the work he was doing was so good he decided to push the envelope once again. Tim announced he was raising funding to purchase a home, renovate it and give it away to a family with a child battling one of these illnesses he sees on his visits. “I am beyond proud of my professional career but now what? No one is going to be at my funeral talking about how nice my watch was. I want to make someone’s life better just because it’s the right thing to do, until I check out.”

The Superhero Collective Mission:

“We are business professionals who dress in movie quality superhero costumes and surprise children as they receive treatment in local hospitals.”

The SC Notable accomplishments:

  • Each year we will hospitals with toys to give to children who are forced to spend the holidays in the hospital.
  • We have purchased equipment to fill the needs of local nurses, for example recently purchase a camera for Northwestern Community hospital’s prenatal loss division as theirs broke. This is the camera used for parents to take a photo with their child if they have passed away by stillbirth etc.
  • The SC has helped pay for treatments, funerals and whatever is necessary that shows up in the hospital space as a need by young patients.
  • Each year in the last week of April (prior to Covid) Tim would be the main attraction as Batman during Superhero day (which is also his Birthday and visit children in their rooms to make them laugh and deliver toys
  • In 2018 Tim announced a new initiative to raise funds to purchase, renovate, and giveaway a house to a local family in need that had been affected by cancer.
  • In 2021 that home was given to the Houlihan family, a local nurse who worked at Christ hospital in the pediatric cancer ward. Nicole had developed a rare form of cancer that ravaged her entire body. While receiving treatment for it she spent time with her patients motivating them with her story.
  • Previous Corp partnerships: Senator Iris Martinez, The Home Depot, The Cook County land bank, Renovo Financial Weish4ever, Union Home Mortgage, Allstate insurance, The Chicago Bears, The Chicago Bulls, The Chicago Cubs
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